about fair events

Come and exhibit with us. The retail climate is always fine and sunny at a Fair Event!

Fair Events is the product of uniting the largest international exhibition company with Australia’s largest family owned, independent exhibition company, and the Fair Events team has been rolling out plans and strategies designed to build attendance and buying at their shows.

While exhibitions are only a part of the entire marketing mix, as more and more marketers are learning each year (and as an ever-increasing body of research supports), they’re the most effective part.

In a recent survey 87% of marketers said that face-to-face marketing was important to their company. [Source: Benchmark Research 1999]. You can get up close and personal with your customers at a Fair Event.

Only live exhibitions and events bring you face-to-face with your target market in an atmosphere filled with business expectation. Not only do they let your customers touch, taste, test and fall in love with your product, they also give your competitors nowhere to run. Live exhibitions and events are the surest way to make an intimate connection with new customers.


Have you ever seen one of your print ads turn a hardened sceptic into a believer?

Ever seen your radio ad absorb an objection and turn it into a sale?


That’s what exhibitions do… and Fair Events is where it’s at!




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