why exhibit with us?

Each event is managed in a hands-on way by a senior manager or the company owner. This is part of Expertise Events personal involvement guarantee.

  • Extensive exhibition knowledge coupled with the professionalism of dedicated staff has made Expertise Events a front runner in event management in Australia.
  • The company strives for quality, commitment and performance. With that the company’s events have created a premium standard in marketing and service, and command an enviable client loyalty.
  • Expertise Events prides itself on excellent communication with its clients and exceptional value for money for its exhibitors.


We provide you with extensive promotional support to help you get the most out of your experience with us.

  • FREE promotional flyers
  • FREE company stand listing on the Web listing on the expo website
  • A committed advertising spend for each event, that may incorporate a mix of different media
  • Exclusive opportunity to advertise or promote products/services on the relevant event website, Onsite Guide, Program or Directory
  • FREE e-cards to send to your customers to alert them about your participation
  • FREE website links provided to direct traffic back from your website to the event site
  • Assistance from our dedicated public relations and media team
  • FREE business listing in the relevant event Visitor Guide, Program or Directory
  • FREE opportunity to conduct a stage/theatre presentation
  • Opportunity to offer prizes for a visitor competition or pre-expo promotion

Your business will benefit from our promotional relationships and key media partners.
We give you the right tools, and the right message to succeed.


Around 400 exhibitions are held in Australia each year and information about most of these are readily obtainable. The major exhibition venues and exhibition organisers publish calendars listing the events with which they are associated.
Finding out about forthcoming events should be the starting point for any business planning to exhibit. You should gather as much information as you can about potential events and where possible, visit them. Each event should be assessed against your exhibition goals and strategies.

Most trade show organisers in Australia can provide demographic breakdowns of visitors or audiences at past events, including the number of interstate and overseas visitors. Similar statistics may be available for some consumer events.
Ask the organisers for information and statistics on past performance, as well as copies of their advertising and PR campaigns, in order to ascertain their media objectives and target audiences. Most exhibition organisers will be able to provide you with this information.

You should also ask about the types of exhibitors they plan to include.
Will they be highly focused, or drawn from a broad spectrum? One useful indicator of an event’s success is rebooks: how many exhibitors rebook and what type of exhibitors rebook. If possible, talk to exhibitors at previous events – both those who have rebooked and those who haven’t – to get their feedback.

Visitors to previous exhibitions are another useful source of information.
Where possible, talk to the types of visitors that you hope to attract to your stand. Ask them whether the exhibition met their needs and expectations, whether the range of exhibitors was too broad or too narrow; and what role (if any) the exhibition played in any purchasing decisions.

Other factors that you might consider are:

  • The timing & duration of the exhibition and other similar exhibitions
  • The days it is being presented
  • The location and venue

When evaluating a particular exhibition, remember that a quality audience is more important than a large audience. You can only speak to one person at a time, so keep the large numbers you are hearing in perspective. It’s quality over quantity.



A dedicated Customer Service team is assigned to each event. They become the point of contact for exhibitors and assist with any enquiries including being onsite for continuity of contact.

A site office called the Expertise Help Desk is set up and this is operational from the first day of move-in until the move-out day. It provides support for exhibitors and handles all enquiries, management of onsite orders and stock products to assist in the set up of stands. As the name suggests, we pride ourselves on being able to service all your needs from one central location.