stand planner and stand awards

Every event in our portfolio is different. So our stand options are tailored to each of those events. Below are two basic stand types available at our events. However other package options such as Turn-Key stand packages (where everything is included in new and unique stands), Launchpad packages (for first time exhibitors), custom design and built stands and more are available. We would be happy to discuss these in more detail with you.

Focus your business opportunities by carefully selecting your stand style and the location within the event. Choose from a modular package or space only and work to create your own unique company experience.


Modular Stand Diagram

Modular Stand diagram

Space only Diagram

Space only Diagram


Space Only – to create your ultimate brand identity. Minimum area is 18sqm bare floor space. Proposed stand design must include flooring and walls.

Modular Display – includes walls, carpet, fascia signage and 2 x spotlight on arm per 9sqm.

Booking a Stand

When booking your stand, check that the information below is correct on your contract and as you understood the arrangements to be when you pre-booked.

  • Name of exhibition
  • Opening and closing dates
  • Hall number
  • Venue
  • Stand and aisle number
  • Stand dimensions
  • Total square metre space
  • Space/modular clearly indicated
  • Your company details:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone
  4. Fax
  5. Point of contact
  6. Email address
  7. Website
  • Total costs
  • Payment terms and dates
  • You have read and understood the terms and conditions (both front and back)

Your sales consultant will assist you with the selection of your stand and the completion of these forms.

Please visit the individual event websites to contact our team for assistance.







At Expertise Events we believe effort should be rewarded. Of course the real reward is in the success your business experiences at the event and this is achieved by all your efforts in the lead up to, and during the event. However our Stand Awards are further acknowledgement of that success.


Small Stand Award acknowledging the best stand in regular small stand size (normally up to 18m).


Large Stand Award acknowledging the best stand in regular large stand size (normally 19m and over).


Judging criteria includes:

  • Pre-show preparation: How you manage your administration, paperwork, communication and all your pre-show activity to better your presence at the event.
  • Stand presentation: Overall look and feel, how you engage your audience/customers, your staff interaction and presentation, activities such as demonstrations, videos, competitions, giveaways and so on.