green policy

Expertise Events is committed to seeking ways to produce more environmentally–friendly events, and we actively encourage green practices in our day-to-day business operations.

In addition, we partner with our suppliers, venues and clients in a joint effort to help find ways to lower the environmental impact of our events on their surrounds.

Simple ways we are making an effort:


  • Reuse waste where possible
  • Recycle waste where it cannot be reduced or reused
  • Communicate via email rather than traditional mail where possible
  • Use an online registration system for events
  • Use online ticketing for registrations & e-ticket purchases
  • Ensure all printers and copiers are set to double-sided printing
  • Use recycled paper for notepads and messages
  • Provide separate containers for recyclable materials
  • Purchase recycled products and office supplies where possible
  • Investigate outlets and avenues for recycling unwanted or excess items
  • Participate in Planet Ark recycling of toner cartridges
  • Computers set to sleep (screen–saver) after a few minutes
  • Printers set to power-save mode after COB every evening and at weekends



  • When printing is unavoidable use recycled paper where possible
  • Print with vegetable–based inks where possible and double–sided
  • Ensure our events use electronic communication at every opportunity
  • Minimise mailing items, or mail simple postcards directing visitors to a website
  • Limit handouts
  • Publish fact sheets on the website to download
  • Increase supply of electronic marketing materials
  • To reduce printed materials, send out to all attendees a disc/memory stick after an event with relevant information, presentations, papers and website links
  • Ensure electronic communication includes a green message reminding people to think before printing



  • Communicate via email rather than traditional mail where possible
  • Provide exhibitor manuals online
  • Provide online facilities for ordering and paying for all onsite services
  • Use recyclable, biodegradable shipping and packing materials
  • Avoid large quantities of collateral materials
  • Enhance displays with environmentally responsible materials


  • Ensure printed signage is reusable and reduce the printing of dates/years on signage
  • Encourage the use of LED/LCD, projected or electronics signage to reduce production
  • Provide separate containers for recycling and encourage visitor usage
  • Signpost, educate and encourage event reuse and recycling policies
  • Manage light, power and water usage during, after and at the close of each days’ event, to minimise resource wastage
  • Reuse shipping and freight containers to limit wastage
  • Ensure our events reduce damage to grass and outdoor areas to avoid waste and impact on the environment
  • Minimise evening functions to reduce power consumption



  • Work with venues to reduce waste
  • Implement recycling
  • Request recycling facilities and separation of waste for all food outlets
  • Request use of water glasses and jugs for stages and/or convention attendees.
  • Limit use of individually wrapped items such as mints, lollies, salt, pepper and sugar
  • No Styrofoam under any circumstances



  • Choose venues that are close to public transport for easy, eco–friendly access by visitors
  • Inform visitors about public transport access
  • Ensure our venues have easy access for all types of people
  • Encourage our venues to have a green policy if one is not already in place
  • Ensure our venues have a waste reduction procedure
  • Encourage our venues to use as much eco–friendly natural resource as possible such as natural light, water recycling and catchment and fresh air