friends and partners

Finding key partners and supporters is integral to any successful marketing campaign for an event or exhibition.
We are proud to have formed numerous relationships that commenced as partnerships and evolved into strong, loyal friendships. These bonds have added intrinsic value to their overall marketing campaigns. The success of our partnerships is based on the premise that both parties benefit by the association and branding.

We always aim to achieve this by applying the following methods:
•    A targeted approach
•    Building commercial sponsor value
•    Establishing the emotional connection
•    Matching brand values
•    Pre & post event support
•    Measuring and demonstrating sponsor ROI


Who Have We Worked With?
•    Bauer Media
•    Australian Furniture Association (AFA)
•    Sydney Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB)
•    Tourism Australia (TA)
•    Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA)
•    Olympic Co-ordination Authority (OCA)
•    Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
•    Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA)
•    Waikato City Council, New Zealand
•    Various Quilters Guilds across Australasia


Successful relationships have been established and managed over the years with the following organisations at various levels:
•    Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
•    Comexposium
•   The Australian Wine Research Institute

•    Woman’s Day magazine
•    Better Homes and Gardens magazine
•    The Australian Women’s Weekly
•    Home Beautiful magazine
•    Gardening Australia magazine
•    Nine Network Australia – Getaway, Our House
•    Yours magazine
•    Take 5 magazine


We Need New Friends

Our partners and sponsorship agreements allow for bespoke proposals to be tailored for each prospective supporter. There are many levels of activity/support:
1.    Event Naming Partner
2.    Media Supporter
3.    Platinum Supporter
4.    Gold Supporter
5.    Silver Supporter
6.    Contra Supporter

Each package level includes a list of options available to increase exposure for the sponsor or supporter.
If you are interested in discussing a potential contra or alliance as one of our Friends or Partners, please contact us now: 02 9452 7575 or email us at