exhibitions deliver


exhibitions can deliver them in a powerful, measurable and cost-effective way.


  • Make immediate sales
  • Generate high quality sales leads
  • Build a pre-qualified prospect database


  • Build relationships with current customers
  • Educate the market
  • Up-sell and cross-sell customers
  • Collect customer testimonials
  • Re-sell lapsed customers


  • Market test a new product
  • Research your marketing campaign


  • Launch new products
  • Create or raise market awareness
  • Position your brand as a market leader
  • Educate by demonstrating
  • Develop new markets


  • Identify and recruit new agents or partners
  • Support your sales channels
  • Build your reputation


  • Get on the ‘media radar’/generate media coverage
  • Build media relationships


Exhibitions Give You The Edge

An exhibition brings the mountain to Mohammed. It is a cost-effective way of drawing your target market to you in one place at the one time.

  • It appeals to all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and what we call the sixth sense, thought
  • It combines all the elements of the promotional mix – advertising, public relations, sales promotion and selling
  • By being there each visitor is a qualified prospect
  • At an exhibition, the passing trade of potential and qualified customers can be measured in the thousands. Whereas in an average retail environment the passing trade is significantly lower, and more than likely not qualified or directly interested in your product or service

Further benefits

  • An exhibition enables all aspects of the selling process.
  • It enables you to continue creating awareness of your product or service.
  • It broadens your customer base.
  • Introduce new products and services to an instant audience.
  • An exhibition provides contact with your existing clients in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • It allows you to position your product or service in line with a total competitive offering.
  • It allows you to research potential acceptance of new products or services, or even test market new directions.
  • It provides access to the media.
  • Your participation in an exhibition signals your support for your industry.