Who Do We Support?

Expertise Events community work extends beyond the normal charity work and donations of many companies. As a company we strongly believe in casting a broader view of how we can help both here and overseas.

This extends our sphere of influence to not only those in need, but also to various areas of the community and commercial markets that we work within who could benefit from greater support, focus and/or assistance to promote their skills and/or cause.

At many of our consumer events we provide free floor space to community groups, clubs, societies and guilds that work within the industries that our events feature and promote.

Expertise Events has been at the forefront of championing and supporting the Australian craft industry through its highly successful ‘hero’ event, The Craft & Quilt Fair, and its associated support of national craft guilds and associations.

We annually contribute in excess of $400,000 in cash to community organisations and in kind more than $2,800,000.

A number of programs are also sponsored annually through World Vision, all aimed at assisting sustainable growth in underdeveloped countries.

It is normal practice for Expertise Events to organise at least one community-based event each year on a not-for-profit basis.


Friends We Have Helped:

The Kopanang Project
At our AQC event, we were honoured to have as our guests Sister Sheila Flynn, Johanna Zulu and Mpho Sibanyoni from South Africa. They shared with us their efforts to improve the situation of women affected by the Aids/HIV epidemic and to look after orphaned children in South Africa.
A Postcard from Egypt
At another of our AQCs events, we hosted some Egyptian tentmakers who created intricate handwork and sold many wonderful pieces at the event. At the end of the expo, CEO of Expertise Events, Gary Fitz-Roy gave a cash donation “for a deserving cause in Egypt” to Jenny Bowker who had organised the visit from her current base in Egypt.